At CrossFit Playground, you get individual coaching in a group setting. Each session includes a warm up, instruction on movement(s), and a workout. Each session is different, and allows participation by any fitness level or skill level via scaling.

If you are new to CrossFit, you will be required to complete the On Ramp classes.   The course is a requirement prior to joining the regular Playground group sessions.

Group On Ramp – $99.00 + sales tax. This includes 6 sessions of on ramp classes with a group of athletes up to 8, and two additional weeks of unlimited classes.

Personal On Ramp – 150.00 + sales tax. this includes 3 sessions of personal training, and 3 weeks of unlimited classes.

Drop in rate – $15.00 – Experienced CrossFitters only. Please let us know ahead of time via email or phone.

Monthly Rates: 

Unlimited classes: 135.00*

3 times per a week: 110.00*

Student (undergraduate) unlimited: 100.00*

Student (middleschool and highschool) unlimited: 65.00*

**sales taxes are in addition**

Married Couples: 10%
Fire, Police, EMT, Military: 20%
Kids Discount: 1st child pays full price, 2nd child is 50%*

**Valid only if parents are current members

Not interested in group classes or want one-on-one skill sessions? We offer personal training sessions with any one of our coaches.

Personal Training;

$65 per session

$500 for 10 sessions

$950 for 20 sessions

Click here for pricing options: Link to membership

At CrossFit Playground, we’re about making each athlete better.  Becoming a part of our incredible community and seeing the progress you make will keep you coming back.  That’s why we don’t lock you into long-term contracts.  Every athlete in our gym is free to cancel at any time with 30 days notice.  We’re not about the money and locking you in; we’re about helping every athlete get better every time they come into the gym.

For more details call 860.680.5583 or email us at