When can I start?

CrossFit Playground offers a free introduction session every Saturday at 8:30AM.

What if I have no idea how to do the movements?

No problem. CrossFit experience is not necessary for the free intro session; all are welcome

What should I expect?

First off, we need you to a sign the waiver. If you’re under 18 years of age, we need your parent / guardian to sign the waiver. Once those formalities are through, you’ll be off and running.

You can safely expect the unexpected. For Saturday WODs, we generally will have the trial athletes participate in a group WOD with other CFPG Athletes. We will usually pair a new athlete with a more seasoned athlete or a Coach for the WOD.

What do I wear?

All that stuff you’ve heard about CrossFitters being crazy has a grain of truth to it. We’ve been known to be outside in all kinds of weather: rain, sleet, snow, even the occasional hurricane (although we generally stay inside during thunderstorms and tornados). So the word to the wise is to dress appropriately and assume you will be outside. In the warmer months, shorts and a shirt will generally do the trick. In the winter, dress in layers so that you can be adequately cool if we’re inside and adequately warm if we’re outside. If you own them, a pair of lightweight trail running shoes is always a good choice; if you don’t own fancy shoes of this type, a pair of regular running shoes will do the trick.

Since there’s nowhere else to put this that makes sense, we’ll stick it here: BRING A WATER BOTTLE.

How long does the introductory session run?

The intro session is about an hour long and the class will give you a feel for what CrossFit Playground is all about. Our Coaches will make sure you can do the movements in the workout safely and effectively, and you will then hit the workout with the group.

I’ve got some other questions that aren’t listed here and want to talk to you about them!

Feel free to contact us at 860.680.5583 or info@crossfitplayground.com