Stacey’s Story:

I’ve always lead a pretty relaxed lifestyle. The only exercise I would get would be to take my dog for a walk on the Airline Trail or an occasional ski weekend. I’ve been a member at approximately four or five gyms in my past, but I never liked it enough where I would go consistently and actually see results or enjoy what I was doing.

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In December 2014, I received a Groupon email for CrossFit Playground. I texted my 2 nieces, Stefanie & Anastasia, who have been doing Crossfit for the better part of 3 years at another box. They would often tell me how much they enjoyed CrossFit and the results are quite obvious on them. They were excited to hear I was considering it and gave me the motivation and support I needed to make the call to the Playground. After I hung up with Cindy, it occurred to me that success would be more likely if I could recruit a buddy. So I called Marta. She was a bit hesitant at first but agreed to give it a try, we had nothing to lose.

January 4, 2015 was my first day of On-Ramp. As I was walking into the Playground I felt a little nervous so I had to remind myself that I needed to find a way to sleep better, improve my posture and gain more energy or I would be rapidly turning into a decrepit old fart. By the time I walked out of there that day I knew I liked it and would be coming back. The coaches are very knowledgable, attentive and fun. I knew that I would be in good hands.

Here I am, just over a year later. I am seeing great results. I have achieved my initial goals of better sleep, better posture, better strength and I have a lot more energy. Having Marta for my wingman is an essential part of my success so far. It’s always better when you have a partner in crime.

I am thankful for that Groupon email back in December 2014, and for all of the CFPG Coaches, my CFPG Athletes, Marta, and my nieces, Stefanie & Anastasia for all the motivation and support!

Erin’s story:

Growing up, I was never considered to be “athletic.” All of my friends were big into sports, especially soccer, and I would go to the games and support on the sidelines. My passion lied with dancing though, and for many years of my childhood, I was a ballerina, which is why I was able to stay in good shape.

But for some reason, becoming an adult changed my priorities. I really wanted to live on my own and work, so that’s what I did. And the healthy lifestyle left me over the course of my early twenties and was replaced with working restaurant hours, eating fast food at terrible times, and worst of all smoking cigarettes.

In fact, smoking became a huge part of my life. I became so emotionally and physically dependant on it that the thought of not having one made me hysterical! I would literally have a nervous breakdown just at the simple thought of quitting… What would I do when I got upset? How would I be able to hang out with my friends? How could I even get through the day???? So instead, I continued to smoke. I even smoked when my husband decided to quit when we returned from our honey moon. Shame on me for doing that! Till this day I can’t believe he had the willpower to quit while I was still puffing away!

But then I got closer to hitting thirty and things weren’t as easy as they used to be. My skin didn’t look great. I started to have really bad chest pains. I smelled bad along with all of my clothes and my car. And worst of all, my family hated that I smoked. I finally decided it was time to quit. But how???

Now those of you who quit smoking know that it is usually a series of failed attempts, which is what happened to me. Patch? No. Gum? No. Homeopathic remedies? Nope! Quit cold turkey? How about I would rather kill myself!! Sadly, it took a drug to really get me over the hump. I used Chantix for a month. Although I am truly thankful for it because I think I would have never been successful without it, there are serious side effects to that drug, so I advise anyone reading this to be careful! But it worked, and I was happy!

The only thing left was this void in my life. I no longer wanted to smoke, but something was missing! And this is why people gain weight when they quit smoking. Their metabolism slows down and they eat more! And in my case, I would drink more! We would be out at the bar and my social smoking circle would all wander outside to light up, so I did a shot. Needless to say, I didn’t feel any better than I did when I was smoking. Something had to be done.

I read about the benefits of exercise and thought, if I exercise, I’ll get in shape, be healthier, and maybe it will help fill this void I am subconsciously trying to replace with other bad habits. Que Insanity. I said, I’m going to do this. I’m going to religiously follow this workout plan and get a six pack in two months. Although I think Insanity was a good starting point, I didn’t get the results I thought I would. Instead my body was completely broken! Shin splints all the time! My back and knees were so bad I couldn’t bend over.

So when my friends Kim and Sarah asked me if I wanted to join a yoga class with them, I did in hopes that it would help the pain my body was in. We did yoga for 10 weeks. My favorite part was at the end when we could just lay there and meditate! Ha! In short, yoga was not my thing either. At the end of the 10 weeks, we were asked if we were going to join the next session. Kim and Sarah heard about this gym, Crossfit Playground. They said they were going to try it and asked if I wanted to, too. I went home, searched Crossfit over the internet and thought; this is a little much for me! I decided to take a break from my exercise regimen and reevaluate. I left it with them as; let me know what you think!

One month later, the three of us had a dinner date. The majority of our conversation was about the Playground! “You have to try it out!” they said. Their enthusiasm definitely peaked my curiosity. And a few weeks later I went to my first Saturday class.

The attraction to the sport was immediate. I don’t know if it was the workout, the coaches, the community, or the fact that I could barely walk for four days, but I wanted more! And this began my membership at Crossfit Playground.

There are a million reasons why I love the Playground. I love seeing the progress I make! I love the support I get from the coaches and other members. I love the new friends I have made and being inspired by their own progress. I love the feeling of completing a WOD that I never thought I could do! Also, I love that my ballet background allows me to excel at certain movements, i.e. handstand push ups and wall walks. But one of the biggest reasons I love the Playground is that it has filled this void in my life that I was trying to fill for a year. And I am better, faster, and stronger because of it! I mean, how can you go wrong? When I tell people about Crossfit Playground, I tell them it’s one of my most favorite things in the world. And that’s the truth!

Now, I am seven months pregnant, still doing Crossfit, and loving it. When people tell me they can’t believe how small I am or how great I look or “You’re all belly,” I tell them, Crossfit, baby. And then they can’t believe I work out like that while pregnant, and I tell them how safe I feel, how my coaches look out for me, and how I listen to my body. It has made me feel amazing during my entire pregnancy. I also love that my husband has joined me and he loves it, too. I think it’s safe to say we’re hooked!

There’s no way I would ever stop Crossfitting at this point. I love it too much, and let’s be honest, I am addicted to it! And not ashamed to say so! As my Crossfitter friend Erick would say, “Drink the Koolaid!” Yes, you should come drink the Koolaid, it will most certainly change your life!